Jordan Hospital: Pleased to Announce Exclusive Rights to MAKO Robot

Jordan Hospital: Pleased to Announce Exclusive Rights to MAKO Robot

Jordan HospitalChris Smalley, 508-830-2422Director, Marketing & Communications

Orthopedic Surgery department is pleased to introduce the MAKOplasty Robot. This new equipment is designed to perform a “MAKOplasty,” which is a partial knee resurfacing procedure designed to relieve the pain caused by joint degeneration due to osteoarthritis (OA). By selectively targeting the part of your knee damaged by OA, your surgeon can resurface your knee while sparing the healthy bone and ligaments surrounding it. This knee surgery preserves healthy tissue and bone, rather than removing both the healthy tissue, and the damaged tissue. In some cases, removes the need for knee replacement surgery.

As a knee arthroplasty procedure, Medicare typically covers , other patients should check with their private health insurers. In some cases it may be performed on an outpatient basis depending on what the surgeon determines is the best course of treatment.

According to the Hospital, this procedure can result in a more rapid recovery and shorter hospital stay than traditional total knee replacement surgery (also offered by ’s Orthopedics Department in Plymouth, MA).

has exclusive rights to this robot and the procedure in Plymouth, and the surrounding areas, including Barnstable and Plymouth counties.

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