Johns Hopkins will work with Hawaii health system to improve hospital care in the state; Oregon hospitals embrace new nurse staffing law;

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> The Johns Hopkins Armstrong Institute for Patient Safety and Quality will work with a Hawaii health system to improve patient safety and care at hospitals in the state, according to The Baltimore Sun. Article

> New research findings from the University of Pennsylvania School of Nursing show that patient and nurse outcomes in Kaiser Permanente hospitals were significantly better compared to other hospitals. Study announcement

> Oregon nurses and hospitals are pleased with a new state staffing law that requires hospitals to establish their own nurse staffing committees that are charged with developing written hospital-wide staffing plans and implementing them by 2017, The Bulletin reports. Article

Practice Management News

> The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services on Wednesday issued new proposed changes to the 2016 Medicare Physician Fee Schedule that would modify some of CMS' quality reporting and shared savings initiatives, and pay doctors to conduct end-of-life talks with patients. Article

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> A three-judge panel at a federal appeals court has unanimously rejected Tuomey Healthcare System's appeal of a 2013 court ruling that found the provider guilty of submitting nearly 22,000 false claims to Medicare, according to The Washington Post. Article

And Finally... Against the claws of nature. Article