Jason Kilar, CEO of Hulu, Joins Brighter.com Board of Directors

Key Board Addition Bolsters Fast-Growing Consumer Dental Company

SANTA MONICA, Calif., April 30, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- Brighter.com, the online consumer solution that makes quality dental care accessible and affordable, announced today it has added Jason Kilar to its Board of Directors.  Kilar is the chief executive officer of Hulu, a leading online premium video service.

Brighter.com is a dental savings plan offering members significant cost reductions of up to 60 percent through pre-negotiated prices at 25,000 dentists nationwide.  With nearly 50 percent of American's lacking dental insurance and dental costs increasing even faster than medical costs, there is a critical need for a resource that empowers Americans to find quality dental care at affordable prices and that provides the critical price transparency that allows patients to make informed decisions.

"Brighter is addressing a consumer healthcare market in need of innovation and transformation," said Jake Winebaum, founder and chief executive officer, Brighter.com. "Jason's extensive experience and success in developing innovative, game-changing solutions for consumers will be of great value to Brighter."

As a Brighter Board Member, Hulu chief executive officer Jason Kilar brings a wealth of knowledge of the online consumer space after holding several key leaderships roles at Amazon.com and now Hulu.  Under Kilar's leadership, Hulu has made the journey from a compelling idea to becoming a leading provider of premium online video with more than 360 professional content providers, 38 million monthly users (according to comScore), over 2 million paying subscribers, and $420 million in annual revenue (2011). Hulu operates services in both the US market and Japan.

"When I first heard about the Brighter concept, I knew I wanted to get involved," said Jason Kilar, chief executive officer, Hulu. "My family has experienced first-hand a dental care system that is broken. The service that Jake and his team are building will bring fundamental changes that benefit patients and dentists alike."

For more information on Brighter, please visit www.Brighter.com.

About Brighter.com

Headquartered in Los Angeles, CA, Brighter.com is an online consumer dental membership that makes quality dental care affordable and accessible, and the first site that allows consumers to compare dentists by price and reputation. Brighter is designed to help the 50 percent of consumers without dental coverage, those with inadequate coverage, and small businesses. Using Brighter.com, patients can see the true cost of dental procedures before they visit the dentist, and with Brighter's pre-negotiated prices at 25,000 dentists nationwide, members can save up to 60 percent on all dental procedures.

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