Jack Lord, M.D. Rejoins Anthelio’s Healthcare Innovation Council

Jack Lord, M.D. Rejoins Anthelio’s Healthcare Innovation Council

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Anthelio, the leading independent provider of comprehensive healthcare information technology services and business process solutions for hospitals and other healthcare providers, today announced that Jonathan Lord, M.D., has rejoined its Healthcare Innovation Council.

Dr. Lord is former COO, University of Miami Health System, Miami, Florida. Previously he was CEO, Navigenics; SVP and Chief Innovation Officer, Humana Inc.; and COO, American Hospital Association; and he is a member of various Boards, including the Advisory Committee to the Director of the CDC.

“We are delighted to have Jack Lord rejoin our Healthcare Innovation Council,” said Rick Kneipper, CEO (Interim), Chief Strategy and Innovation Officer, and Co-Founder of Anthelio. “Jack was the first member of our Healthcare Innovation Council, to which he brings his vast healthcare expertise and his tremendously creative and innovative mind.”

As an important part of Anthelio’s objective, Anthelio has established an independent group of outstanding healthcare experts who have become members of its () which generates innovative ideas about how U.S. hospitals and healthcare providers can meet their escalating quality and financial pressures. The Healthcare Innovation Council has launched a collaborate public healthcare innovation “wiki” that invites interested participants to engage in a collaborative ideation process for submitting, evaluating and discussing innovative ideas to improve our healthcare .

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