It's your job to educate the public about health IT; Long-term outlook for not-for-profit hospitals is full of question marks;

> FierceHealthIT's Neil Versel believes that the next time a reporter from a non-healthcare publication calls for information regarding health IT and electronic health records from a CIO, a CMIO, a vendor executives or a consultant, that said officers and executives should take some time to educate that reporter about the broad themes of health IT. Commentary

> Analysts from the U.S. not-for-profit healthcare group at Standard & Poor's Ratings Services in New York recently held a teleconference to discuss their firm's new report and shared some interesting insights about the current state of the not-for-profit hospital market in the United States--and where it is headed as health reforms unfold. That being said, FierceHealthFinance's Caralyn Davis wants to know: "What steps are you taking to prepare for the new risk environment under health reform so that you can be a winner?" Commentary

> "Is your healthcare organization's vision in line with a greater good?" asks Hospital Impact's Thomas Dahlborg. "If so, you can use wonderful 'off-the-shelf' tools and processes to create amazing aligned, focused and engaging plans and measure and share the impact. If not, it's time to re-engage your organization and re-establish an aligned vision." Commentary

And Finally... How to avoid those hefty baggage fees being imposed by airlines. Article