IOM wants 'harmonized' conflict-of-interest reporting; Supreme Court hears Phoebe Putney merger case;

> A proposed New Jersey bill would allow advanced practice nurses to prescribe medication on their own without a formal agreement with a consulting physician, NJ Spotlight reported. Similar legislation allowing NPs to practice independently of physicians exists in 18 states and the District of Columbia. Article

> The Institute of Medicine is encouraging a standardized system of conflict-of-interest reporting, according to a paper published yesterday. IOM said a harmonized reporting system would reduce time spent by researchers and health professionals on administrative duties and lead to more accurate information. Paper

> The Phoebe Putney Health merger case went before U.S. Supreme Court, which heard arguments on Monday but isn't expected to rule on the matter until the spring, the Albany Herald reported. Article

> Up to 83 percent of cancer patients keep smoking after receiving a cancer diagnosis and thorough treatment, according to University of Michigan School of Nursing researchers. However, many nurses are not trained to conduct cessation interventions. Statement

And Finally… Being popular is so stressful. Article