Integrate White Plume With EMRs to Accelerate the Billing Process

BIRMINGHAM, Ala., Aug. 4, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- Why should a step forward in the clinical process be a step backward in the financial process? White Plume Technologies bridges the gap between current EMR systems and the much hoped for ideal EMRs of the future. Integrating an EMR with White Plume accelerates workflow, decreases claim denials, and eliminates missed charges with minimal change to the physician.  

EMRs can't do it all?

EMR vendors are currently overloaded with certifying their systems for Meaningful Use requirements. With its ePASS suite of products (AccelaSCAN, AccelaCAPTURE, AccelaPASS, AccelaMOBILE, and AccelaSMART), White Plume accelerates the charge capture and coding process for physician practices until the ideal EMR becomes a reality. Whether a practice has implemented a single integrated system or installed different EMR and PM systems, interfaces are available.

White Plume Technologies accelerates practices to increase accuracy, decrease denials, increase cash flow and improve workflow with only minor change for physicians. With daily contracts on all solutions, White Plume products are low risk with a high return on investment.

What solutions are recommended for my circumstances?  

Physicians should expect technology to work the way they work. With ePass, physicians can quickly and correctly generate a charge that is documented in their EMR wherever and however they would like to by choosing the most productive method for their particular need. If a physician prefers to stay on a paper based format, AccelaSCAN is the best option. Other physicians may decide to "go green" and eliminate paper while benefiting from the intuitive productivity of the electronic superbill used in AccelaCAPTURE. If they prefer to use their iPhone to round in the hospital, AccelaMOBILE is a must. Those using EMR templates can still connect to White Plume's code scrubbing engine, AccelaSMART by way of AccelaPASS. Practices may have all physicians using the same device or allow physicians to choose their preferred device. However the charges are captured, White Plume will accelerate the process.

Smart and practical

AccelaSMART, or accelerated intelligence, is a way codes can be scrubbed and clean before submitting them to a PM System. Don Menendez, CEO of White Plume Technologies points out this is the optimal place to receive coding information, "Just because technology can deliver all of the coding intelligence to a physician at the time of service that is not necessarily the best thing to do. We use technology to deliver information and feedback to the appropriate people and at the appropriate time in the billing cycle. This is all about workflow: delivering information where it is needed, how it is needed, and when it will best be used in order to get better results."

Established in 1999, White Plume develops innovative technology solutions that help over 7,000 U.S. physicians eliminate major productivity barriers, from patient encounter to clean claim submission. To learn more about White Plume and its solutions, visit

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