The insurance tail wags the provider dog; Allergan aims to develop Latisse for baldness;

> Let's stop kidding ourselves about insurance companies, if we ever did. We don't have a relationship of peers here. We have a relationship in which the intermediary--the insurance company--has the means, the motive and the ability to ratchet down prices to providers repeatedly over time. FierceHealthFinance

> Latisse, the glaucoma drug turned cosmeceutical, is now under testing as a baldness-fighter. And as Jim Edwards at BNet Pharma points out, if Latisse (a.k.a Lumigan for glaucoma and bimatoprost generically) proves effective against hair loss, then Katie bar the door. FiercePharma

> Most biotech and pharma companies struggle to enroll patients in clinical trials, but not Seattle Genetics. The company, which is testing an antibody to treat Hodgkin's disease, is enrolling trials of the drug so quickly that it's six months ahead of schedule, according to a piece in Xconomy. FierceBiotech

And Finally... If you're ever in a Chicago courtroom, make sure you've had your caffeine fix. Article