Ingenious Med PQRS Registry Proves Highly Beneficial for Clients

ATLANTA, May 24, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- Ingenious Med announces the exceptionally successful results from clients' participation in its 2010 PQRS Registry service.  In 2007, Ingenious Med was one of the first companies to provide PQRS capture functionality and in 2010 became a Certified PQRS Registry, allowing the company to submit data for their clients participating in PQRS directly to CMS.

For the 2010 reporting period, 100 percent of clients who participated in PQRS through Ingenious Med's registry service qualified for reimbursement, with an average of 95 percent of individual providers within each group participating successfully.

"The PQRS quality module and certified registry services have proven extremely beneficial to our users," said Steven Liu, M.D., founder of Ingenious Med. "These reimbursements alone can cover the cost of a license."

The Ingenious Med quality module ensures all PQRS measures are complete and the registry service ensures that participation data is submitted to CMS accurately and directly, with no additional resources needed from the clients. This allows physicians using Ingenious Med to focus on providing the highest quality of care, while the system captures and submits PQRS data for them, allowing them to get rewarded for their participation in government quality initiatives.

With reimbursements dropping over the next few years and a penalty for PQRS non-participation beginning in 2015, Ingenious Med is pleased to offer both the quality module and the PQRS registry service to our clients at no extra charge. Users of the quality module also have the option to opt into the registry service at any time throughout the year, allowing additional flexibility in reporting and participation.

For information on activating the PQRS registry for your group, please contact [email protected].

About Ingenious Med

Founded in 1999 by a group of practicing physicians, Ingenious Med is an award-winning mobile platform that automates the activities of physicians when they are away from their office, whether they are at a hospital, an outpatient clinic, a nursing home or even at home. Ingenious Med automates revenue and charge capture for over 9,000 users and is responsible for processing over 12 million patient encounters each year.

Ingenious Med's all-inclusive software solution is a handheld and Internet-based application that enables physicians to capture charges, enhance documentation, coding and compliance, improve quality of care, increase revenue and communicate digitally. In addition, the program aggregates management data separately from the hospital information system, so individual physician and total department performance can be accurately evaluated. For more information, visit or call 404.815.0826.

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