Informed Medical Decisions Acquires Inherited Health

ST. PETERSBURG, Fla.--(BUSINESS WIRE)-- Informed Medical Decisions, Inc. (InformedDNA) announced today it is acquiring AccessDNA, Inc., owner of Inherited Health, a leading online resource for individuals and families interested in understanding family history and hereditary disease risks. Inherited Health offers high-quality content authored by genetics professionals covering thousands of hereditary conditions, resources and services, making complex issues understandable and actionable. Its unique web-based platform helps families work together to collect, store and update their family health history. Its proprietary risk analysis system then uses the family health history data to provide each family member with a personalized view of the hereditary diseases they are more likely to develop and/or pass down to their children.

“This acquisition fits perfectly with InformedDNA’s goal to expand access to expert genetic information and services and we are extremely excited to incorporate Inherited Health’s technology and content into InformedDNA’s offerings,” said David P. Nixon, chief executive officer of Informed Medical Decisions, Inc. “Even with all the exciting advances in genetic testing, expert interpretation of your personal and family health history remains the gold standard in disease risk assessment. Inherited Health’s comprehensive library and proprietary risk assessment tools will allow InformedDNA to offer our patients more options for personalizing their healthcare and sharing valuable information with their family.”

Lee Essner, co-founder and CEO of Inherited Health adds, “The more we have worked with InformedDNA as a partner over the last few years, the clearer it became how complementary Inherited Health could be to InformedDNA’s mission. We’re thrilled to be a part of InformedDNA and to help usher in a new era of access to genetic services and personalized healthcare for people everywhere.”

With this acquisition, AccessDNA, Inc. and its Inherited Health properties become a wholly-owned subsidiary of Informed Medical Decisions, Inc. In addition, Mr. Essner will join InformedDNA’s Board of Directors. Further details regarding terms of the transaction between the privately owned companies are not publicly available.

About Informed Medical Decisions, Inc.

Informed Medical Decisions, Inc. (InformedDNA) is a nationwide network of board-certified genetic counselors and geneticists. By leveraging state-of-the-art internet and telephone capabilities, the company helps patients, clinicians and healthcare organizations harness the power of genetics to achieve the promise of personalized healthcare. InformedDNA earned URAC Core Accreditation in 2010.

About Inherited Health

Inherited Health is an innovative online health resource helping individuals and families identify personal disease risks. The company offers tools to make it easy for consumers to safely and securely gather, store and share family health information and get a personalized view of their health risks. Inherited Health’s mission is to combine the best content, information and tools to help people better understand their personal disease risks and get access to appropriate services.


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