Indianapolis VA supervisor steps down after firestorm over joke email

In the latest scandal to hit the embattled Department of Veterans Affairs (VA), a supervisor at the Roudebush Veterans Affairs Medical Center in Indianapolis has stepped down after facing a tide of backlash tied to an email that appears to mock veteran suicides, USA Today reported. Robin Paul, who had been in charge of the facility's transitional clinic for returning veterans, sent an email to her staff after a holiday lunch party this past December that contained photos of a toy elf that appeared to have hanged itself with Christmas lights while pleading for anxiety medication, according to the newspaper. Paul said in a statement obtained by USA Today that the intent of the email was not to depict a veteran, but to thank staff for "dealing with tough issues on a daily basis," though she also admitted that she sent the email in "poor judgment." The national outrage over her leaked email made her and her family the target of death threats and caused them to seek police protection, she wrote. One U.S. lawmaker told USA Today, however, that the VA's failure to discipline Paul sooner demonstrates that is still promotes a culture in which "bad actors are not held accountable." Article