Indiana's largest hospital system to cut hundreds of jobs; Support for healthcare reform law down from January;

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> Indiana's largest hospital system has announced plans to cut 800 jobs, the San Francisco Chronicle reported. Article

> A CNN poll found 39 percent of U.S. voters favor the Affordable Care Act this month, down from 51 percent in January. Poll (.pdf)

> Lee Regional Medical Center in Pennington Gap, Va., will close due to a combination of low use, lack of consistent physician coverage and healthcare reform-related reimbursement cuts, according to the Wellmont Health System.  Announcement

> A new product aims to hone brain surgeons' abilities by having them paint tumors, according to NPR Shots Health News. Article

Health Finance News

> Sixty rural Texas hospitals may close if the federal government reconsiders critical access funding. Article

> North Carolina's decision not to expand the Medicaid program is putting financial pressure on the state's largest hospital operator. Article

And Finally... One giant leap for frog-kind. Article