INCENTCO™ and H2H Benefits Consulting Launch Life Rewards Platform for Employee Benefits and Wellness Programs to Address New Affordable Care Act Challenges

INCENTCO™ and H2H Benefits Consulting Launch Life Rewards Platform for Employee Benefits and Wellness Programs to Address New Affordable Care Act Challenges

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has expanded its activities in the employee benefits and wellness sector by completing an exclusive agreement with of Scottsdale, AZ to co-market its innovative rewards platform with H2H designated wellness, telehealth, patient advocacy, indemnity, and pharmacy benefit management products under the name “Life Rewards”. The rewards product is a bundled product line designed for companies addressing the Affordable Care Act (ObamaCare) costs and requirements. INCENTCO™ offers several loyalty and incentive platforms that enable companies to promote healthy lifestyles for employees. INCENTCO™ LLC uses technology that rewards and tracks positive behaviors, provides a direct and strategic communication channel, and issues real-time rewards to program participants.

“We are very excited about Life Rewards, and H2H’s ability to bring our platform to The Benefits Industry,” says , Co-Founder of INCENTCO™. “Our platform is the ultimate tool for Benefits Administrators, wellness programs, PEO’s, and HR departments needing an effective and engaging solution. The platform tracks and rewards behaviors that promote change and overall wellness allowing the Client to design the reward categories specific to health behaviors and outcomes they wish to encourage. Point awards are issued to program participants in real time. Participants can immediately redeem their points choosing the products they want from leading on-line and in-store national retailers, offering millions of products and brands.”

“Our research and experience indicated that INCENTCO™’s rewards platform was superior to all other available incentive platforms for the Benefits industry,” says Nancy Halls, CEO of H2H. “The creation of Life Rewards, a product designed around Wellness, Incentives, Telehealth, Patient Advocacy, and Medical Plans was urgently needed to assist a company not only in complying with the Affordable Care Act, but by creating the opportunity to address healthcare costs though employee incentives. By establishing wellness activities, and using the healthcare system itself more prudently, everyone wins. “The ability for employees to redeem their reward points and purchase whatever they want in real time rather than having a reward selected for them, provides an outstanding and motivating employee experience, reinforces desired behaviors and delivers great outcomes.”

“ObamaCare presents many healthcare and employee challenges to business owners. Our platform is an invaluable tool to ensure that employee and employer wellness goals are consistent with the company healthcare program. Compliance can be encouraged, tracked and rewarded,” says Greg Smith, CEO of INCENTCO™. “The Life Rewards platform can be used as either as a stand-alone or plug in platform to a company’s existing programs or bundled with wellness, telemedicine and patient advocacy offerings, which are key components in managing healthcare costs. We provide organizations with branded, customized, and automated platforms, coupled with a cost effective incentive solution that generates desired results. Clients are successfully using the platform and getting ahead of the ObamaCare curve.”

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