Improving the doctor/trainer relationship

Good physical fitness--achieved safely with the guidance of an instructor--can go a long way in improving a patient's medical problems. According to The New York Times, a closer relationship between fitness professionals and doctors can also help physicians catch health problems that they might otherwise miss. Yet, despite the fact that healthcare providers could use fitness trainers as a tool for improving patient health, many providers either don't take advantage of trainers or don't know which ones they can trust. When trainers try to contact doctors with concerns about a client's health, they often find that doctors aren't very receptive to what they have to say. However, some physicians and hospitals have embraced the opportunity to further monitor patients and work with trainers. "One growing trend is medically integrated training centers, with a physician on site to supervise trainers. In 2005, 855 hospitals in the United States owned medical fitness centers," reports the Times.

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