Immigrants return to native countries for treatment; Most chronic condition patients say online records worth risk;

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> People are more willing to risk their health than their retirement, according to a new survey from Towers Watson. Article

> Mexican immigrants living in the Southwest often return south of the border for medical treatment, despite the Affordable Care Act's expanded coverage of Latino Americans, according to USA Today. Article

> A majority of patients with chronic conditions believe the convenience of online medical records outweighs any privacy risk, according to a survey from Accenture. Survey

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> Humana's first-quarter profit of $368 million beat analyst expectations but still dropped 22 percent from last year's first quarter of $473 million, partly due to marketing expenses and investments related to new products. Article

> The pharmaceutical industry is concerned that cost-sharing within most health insurance exchange plans could limit consumers' access to necessary medications, says a new report from the Breakaway Health prepared for the Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America. Article

And Finally… You can go back to high school. Article