IL reforms face physician opposition

Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich's health system reform proposals hit a snag this week, with the state's medical society announcing that it opposed the plans despite some doctor-friendly concessions. Blagojevich is pushing a plan, known as "Illinois Covered," which would extend Medicaid to all adults below the federal poverty line and offer new state insurance to many working families. It would also subsidize private insurance costs for other families. Insurance companies would have to offer coverage to all comers, and employers would have to offer coverage or pay higher taxes. Blagojevich would finance the program with a corporate gross receipts tax on companies with sales in excess of $2 million.

The Illinois State Medical Society, however, has come out against the plan. Among other concerns, they're arguing that it's not acceptable to force physicians to accept the new state insurance, which might not pay enough for their needs. The Society, which remains in talks with the governor, is pushing to change this requirement as well as seeking other changes to the plan.

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