ICA Expands Strategic Interoperability Offerings through Connectivity with MEDITECH

ICA Expands Strategic Interoperability Offerings through Connectivity with MEDITECH

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, a leading provider of strategic interoperability technology, today announced that its CareAlign® interoperability platform is now fully connected with the EHR system as evidenced by . The Kansas-based medical center is a participant in the and is operational with the MEDITECH EHR; this connectivity through ICA allows it to exchange continuity of care documents (CCDs) via Cross-Enterprise Document Sharing (XDS).

The integration of ICA’s technology with MEDITECH and multiple other EHR systems supports broader care coordination goals of providers within care delivery networks, no matter if they are part of health information exchanges (HIEs) or not. Through XDS, these organizations can register, distribute and access patient electronic information in document format across enterprises. By exchanging CCDs in a standardized format, providers are able to streamline communication throughout the care continuum and meet transitions of care criteria for Meaningful Use. MEDITECH, along with 25 other EHR vendors, has successfully tested and connected with ICA through, an industry-wide service for interoperability testing. This testing center allows the vendors to leverage scalable technology for meeting these broader transitions of care requirements.

“The connection to the MEDITECH platform is a significant milestone for KHIN and demonstrates our successful transition from data testing to production by using the latest technology,” said Laura McCrary, executive director of KHIN. “This offers providers in our network access to critical patient information for improved information exchange and overall care delivery.”

ICA’s connectivity with key EHR providers, like MEDITECH, underscores the company’s success in delivering one of the first standards-based interoperability solutions in the country. These standards-based solutions aggregate patient information from disparate systems in order to create longitudinal patient records that can be leveraged for comprehensive care. Once data is exchanged in a standard format, it can then be used by multiple entities as part of strategic interoperability. This type of interoperability helps organizations best determine how to share their data in order to strengthen patient care and maximize reimbursement.

“Our successful connectivity with EHR providers, such as MEDITECH, emphasizes our commitment to providing healthcare organizations with the strategic interoperability support they need to deliver proactive, collaborative care in an efficient manner,” said Gary Zegiestowsky, president and CEO of ICA. “Through this connectivity, we are able to help our customers better manage entire patient populations as they continue providing personalized care to individual patients.”

ICA is a leading provider of comprehensive strategic interoperability and informatics solutions. With its state-of -the-art CareAlign® platform, ICA offers true care coordination technology that connects disparate healthcare enterprises regardless of the technologies already in place. CareAlign delivers a flexible architecture to connect, collect, consume and intelligently distribute patient information through standard data transport protocols and custom methods for use in EHRs, third party applications, and ICA’s proprietary applications. CareAlign aggregates a wide range of information and supports analytic needs associated with population health management, transitions of care communication, re-admissions reduction, meaningful use requirements and PCMH/ACO operations. Visit , and follow us on , , and