ICA and AlliedHIE Go Live with DIRECT and HISP

-- Allied-DIRECT and HISP Will Spur Secure Exchange of Health Records to Point-of-Care --

ICA and AlliedHIE Go Live with and HISP

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() and (), a leading provider of interoperability technology that enables care coordination and health information exchange (HIE), announced today that a live DIRECT and Health Information Services Provider (HISP) network has been established under AlliedHIE’s management, known as Allied-DIRECT. In Pennsylvania, the live environment will enable AlliedHIE to begin recruiting physicians and other providers to sign up for secure interactions with each other as part of the statewide grant program recently established by the Pennsylvania eHealth Collaborative (PAeHC). Pennsylvania’s grant program provides free for the first year to physicians.

“The launch of Allied-Direct went very smoothly as we successfully laid the foundation for health information exchange in Pennsylvania,” said Kelly Lewis, chief executive officer at AlliedHIE. “In addition to secure communications, this live HISP includes mobile communications where providers are able to send and receive secure clinical communications from their mobile devices, enabling them to have critical patient data when and where they need it. ICA’s technology is easy to use, intuitive and completely HIPAA compliant.”

“Setting up this HISP in a live environment in Pennsylvania is the first key step in being able to enroll doctors in the state’s program,” added John Tempesco, chief marketing officer at ICA. “PAeHC and the state have given organizations like AlliedHIE the green light to move quickly and establish the foundations of interoperability. This HISP is the first step in the establishment of a statewide HIE that will bring connectivity and improved care to literally millions of patients.”

AlliedHIE’s mission is to fundamentally change the way healthcare is practiced, not only in the state of Pennsylvania, but nationally, by being the only HIE provider to take a problem-solving approach to the development of HIE, whether locally or nationally. The company’s unique organizational problem-solving approach continues to help clients gain market share as it appeals to clients interested in a fast return-on-investment. This approach remains distinctive in the marketplace and is gaining traction due to enhanced cost-savings almost immediately upon implementation.

provides a simple, secure and standards-based method to encourage electronic exchange of health information among healthcare providers, particularly those providers that do not have the resources or technical capacity to engage in more comprehensive health information exchange.

AlliedHIE has also created a concept known as Allied Aggregation™, a common sense patient-centric health IT strategy that aggregates patient connections onto a common technology platform at the point-of-care, to advance quality of care, improve patient safety and reduce costs. Bolstering AlliedHIE’s strategy in the HIE marketplace are recent reports by the and which find that too many HIEs have relied on the ‘build it and they will come’ strategy. Both reports assert that HIEs must plan for sustainability from the very beginning, and that if an HIE is not sustainable after initial funding, then careful consideration should be given to the viability of launch.

ICA was established to take innovative technology developed by to the broader healthcare market, and now delivers a comprehensive health information exchange (HIE) and care management solution to hospitals, IDNs, communities and states. This patient-centered modular approach offers immediate value and return-on-investment through the delivery of clinical information to the point-of-care improving quality while reducing costs. The CareAlign® solution suite, or volume set, includes CareAlign, CareExchange, CareConnect, CareCollaborate, CareMeasure and CareManage. Each volume provides the technology necessary to progressively exchange clinical information, increase care collaboration and manage healthcare risk across the continuum of care with the goal of improving patient outcomes while reducing costs. Visit , follow us on , , , and

AlliedHIE is a patient-centric, purpose-driven, point-of-care focused national health information exchange company with a mission to include allied health organizations in order to priority connect our most vulnerable and at-risk patients. To lead America’s Health Information Exchange we are partnering with the nation’s premier Health IT firms, including ICA, to deliver best in class Health IT services, critical security and aggregation services, and superior client support. Visit AlliedHIE ().