Howard County, Md. Upgrades Search and Rescue Technology With EmSeeQ® Wearable Locator System to Improve Safety for At-Risk Adul

EmSeeQ® Bracelet System Integrates with Current 9-1-1 Services to Speed Rescue of Individuals with Alzheimer's, Dementia and Autism

FRISCO, Texas, July 5, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- The Howard County (Md.) Police Department today announced the availability of the EmFinders' EmSeeQ® wearable locator system that uses cellular technology to quickly locate individuals who are prone to wandering due to cognitive disorders, such as Alzheimer's, dementia or autism. Howard County is the first in Maryland to offer this highly accurate and reliable advanced search and rescue technology to locate wandering and lost persons.

A limited quantity of free EmSeeQ bracelets is available through the Howard County Rapid Return program to those with a diagnosed cognitive disorder and financial need. Individual families who receive the devices are responsible for registering the device and paying a $25 fee per month for location services. EmSeeQ devices are also available for purchase as a tool to help in the search and rescue of vulnerable citizens who are prone to becoming lost and may be unable to identify themselves or ask for help.

EmFinders works directly with emergency 911 dispatchers to greatly reduce the search timeframe for a rescue operation. The special needs individual wears the bracelet 24/7 or as needed, based on the unique situation. If the individual is missing or has wandered off, the caregiver calls 911 to report the elopement and then contacts EmFinders to activate the EmSeeQ device. The personal bracelet device places a call to 911 and provides its location to dispatchers who can then direct responders to the specific location, as they do every day for thousands of wireless 911 calls.

The EmSeeQ bracelet can accurately locate the device wearer to within meters, typically within 30 minutes, to virtually eliminate time-consuming search and rescue operations that can jeopardize the lost individual's safety and cost taxpayers thousands of dollars. The system provides an added layer of security and peace of mind for caregivers who often live in constant worry that their loved one will become lost or wander off, putting themselves in grave danger of serious injury or even death from exposure to the elements or obstacles they may encounter along the way.

EmSeeQ can track the whereabouts of a missing person beyond Howard County, anywhere in the U.S. where cellular service coverage exists. The wearable watch-like EmSeeQ system uses the nationwide TruePosition U-TDOA cellular technology, which locates more than 60 million 911 calls a year, to accurately determine the location of the device wearer, enabling rescuers to quickly find him or her. And, unlike GPS systems, EmSeeQ works inside buildings and in other areas where the satellite signals required for GPS may be obstructed.

"Rapid Return will effectively take the 'search' out of 'search and rescue,'" Howard County Police Chief William McMahon said. "This technology will help police to quickly and safely reunite families and protect the health and well-being of residents who wander."

"The EmSeeQ system has already proven to be highly effective with more than 30 lives saved in fast, successful rescues in several states across the country," said EmFinders co-founder Jim Nalley. "We are thrilled to have our technology at work in the state of Maryland to enhance safety and provide peace of mind to loved ones caring for those with cognitive impairments."

For information about obtaining an EmSeeQ device for residents in Howard County, e-mail [email protected] or call 410-313-3738.

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