How healthcare leaders can deal with fear, uncertainty and greed

Guest post by Andrea J. Simon, Ph.D., former marketing, branding and culture change senior VP at Hurley Medical Center in Flint, Mich.

In my last blog post, I urged readers to avoid letting the FUGs--fear, uncertainty and greed--get them down. That's easier said than done, as the FUGs seem to come part and parcel with healthcare reform changes.

Get past the fear of change. A recent Harvard Business Review article explains the fears that get in the way of successful creativity. For example, how people know how to play and create when they are children, but as they get older, they become afraid of four key emotions: the messy unknown, being judged, the first steps and losing control.

To get past these stalemates and instead, create new ways to adjust to changing times, I suggest healthcare leaders "play" as a solution--not random diversion but "serious play" and innovation-stimulating games.

Serious play unlocks serious new ideas. As a trained facilitator in Innovation Games, I have conducted more than 50 "play" sessions with clients in healthcare. Now, more than ever before, healthcare organizations realize they must find innovative solutions to solve problems better and faster, involve employees in improvement efforts, incentivize their teams to create solutions that reduce costs and add benefits and sustain internal morale and employee satisfaction.

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