How a California health system's holistic approach prevents unnecessary admissions

Heritage Medical System's "holistic" approach to care is "not driven by a hospital" but by what's "right for the patient," according to the chief innovation officer at the Northridge, California-based health system.

Taking care care of a patient "holistically" means the patient is at the center of his or her care, James May said in an interview with Hospitals & Health Networks, noting this involves a primary care network and appropriate specialties to take care of that patient. This approach, he said, significantly reduces unnecessary hospitalizations, at which point care is provided in ambulatory settings.

Patient-centered care includes everything from safer and timelier care to patient satisfaction with the level of attention and amenitiesLeaders who excel in this area prioritize outcomes and aim to address patient needs immediately, according to May.

"We are looking for people to have urgency that want to get things done today," he said. "We don't want to do Mrs. Jones' hip in two days, we want to do it right away. We want to make sure if she needs antibiotics, they happen tonight, not in two days. If she needs to be seen in the clinic, it happens today, not in five days."

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