Republicans' strategy of “synthetic repeal” when it comes to the ACA should worry all Americans who believe in the rule of law.

For medical groups and integrated health systems, a perfect storm is gathering.

It's only a matter of time until medical device manufacturers, hospital administrators and healthcare providers are sued for cybersecurity breaches.

The recent postponement of updates to the CMS Star Rating system is a step in the wrong direction for the healthcare sector.

To execute a successful ambulatory clinical documentation improvement program, start by establishing a rock-solid impatient program.

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The seemingly routine task of medical referrals has gotten to be increasingly challenging.

U.S. hospitals still have the opportunity to cut billions of additional dollars from their supply chain budgets.

Evolution in our nation’s healthcare systems is creating exciting new opportunities—as well as significant new challenges.

The efforts to alter the healthcare delivery system are lacking the essential components of a successful initiative to introduce complex change.