Hospitals inject $38B to state economy while uncompensated care grows

While the state of Georgia's unemployment rate remains at 10 percent, Georgia hospitals generate $38 billion in revenue and account for 337,000 full-time positions, according to the Georgia Hospital Association. Despite these figures, the economy continues to negatively impact hospitals. Due to the high unemployment rate, hospitals have had to provide an excess of $1.5 billion worth of uncompensated services for those without health insurance. Uninsured patients turn to the emergency department which accounts for the loss of millions of dollars.

Reports show that up to a third of hospitals operate with a negative total margin due to the need to provide uncompensated care. "It's a huge concern because these numbers are growing exponentially every year with no relief in sight," according to GHA President Joseph Parker. "There aren't many businesses and industries that can absorb those kinds of losses and still keep their doors open. Hospitals have become experts in doing more with less." Announcement