Hospitals improve disaster preparedness; Save $550B by keeping obesity rates flat;

> A new report from Federal Emergency Management Agency shows that hospitals have significantly improved disaster preparedness, according to a national report. In California, hospitals are using technology to continue disaster preparation efforts. Report

> Access to care has dropped in the last decade, a study published Monday in the journal Health Affairs concluded. Access worsened particularly among the uninsured. Study abstract

> Keeping obesity rates level could save $550 billion in medical expenditures during the next two decades, according to new research published yesterday in the American Journal of Preventive Medicine. However, researchers also noted the U.S. healthcare system could be burdened with 32 million more obese people within the next 20 years. Research announcement

> More than 3,000 registered nurses at 10 HCA hospitals reached their first labor contract with management, the National Nurses United announced today. Under the settlement, each hospital will have a patient care safety committee made up of elected nurses, as well as tie nurse-patient rations to severity of medical condition and stage of recovery. Statement

And Finally... New stuff doesn't keep you happy for long. Study