Hospitals face unusual competition

At Hospital Impact, Tony Chen examines the competition hospitals are facing from 10 rather unusual areas. Here are some of the standouts from the list:

  • Many patients would like their hospital to treat them like a hotel guest rather than a patient. And some hospitals are eager to provide five-star service.
  • U.S. Preventative Medicine is in the process of opening 150 preventative care centers nationwide. Preventative medicine can have a positive impact on healthcare costs and hospital overcrowding, but it also means fewer customers for hospitals.
  • Traditional healthcare providers can't afford to ignore the growing retail clinic trend, especially because clinic staff refers some patients to hospitals.
  • Steve Case-backed Revolution Healthcare has money. A lot of it. The company has big plans to create an online consumer healthcare powerhouse.
  • Healthcare has wormed its way into resorts and many patients are willing to pay a lot of money to receive care in a posh setting.

For the complete list of hospital competitors:
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