Hospitals donate $230K to fire departments for blue-tooth enabled EKG machines; VA to outsource retrieval of medical records;

> Utah-based MountainStar Healthcare and Intermountain Healthcare raised more than $230,000 for fire departments to purchase blue-tooth enabled 12-lead EKG machines for ambulances to transmit data to doctors, the Salt Lake Tribune reports. The technology should help in diagnosing heart attacks more quickly. Article

> The Department of Veterans Affairs will bring in an unspecified private contractor to help reduce the time required to obtain medical records of veterans from private physicians. The idea isn't as much about improving interoperability, though, as it is about streamlining claims decisions and processing. FierceEMR

> Researchers are optimistic that MRI tests conducted in Massachusetts and Utah will be stepping stones to being able to detect autism via brain scans in the near future, HealthDay News reports. Article 

And Finally... Just make sure you go to the right machine at lunch time. Article