Hospitals contribute $18.8B to Colorado economy; HHS restored NPDB but with restrictions;

> Hospitals contributed $18.8 billion in economic activity and about 133,100 jobs to Colorado in 2010, according to a study commissioned by the Colorado Hospital Association (CHA). According to those figures, hospitals account for 4.2 percent of the state's total economic output. Study (.pdf)

> The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services has listed providers that need to revalidate their Medicare enrollment information. This begins phase 1 of health reform's three levels of new enrollment screening for providers and suppliers based on their risk of fraud, waste, and abuse, notes AHA News Now. News brief

> Workers at two HCA-owned hospitals in Florida are picketing for fair wages, reports the Orlando Sentinel. The Nashville-based private hospital operator owns 40 hospitals in Florida. Article

> The Department of Health & Human Services has restored public access to the National Practitioner Data Bank but with restrictions, reports the Federal Times blog. Although the doctor malpractice and disciplinary data can be used for statistical analysis and reporting, it cannot be used with other information to identify a doctor. Blog post

> Performing surgery after patients have "mini-strokes" does not reduce the risk of subsequent strokes, according to a study in the November 9 issue of JAMA. However, a study in this month's issue of the European Journal of Neurology found that having a special hospital team coordinate care for "mini-stroke" patients decreased the risk of further vascular events by two-thirds. Study abstract

And Finally... Looks do matter in job interviews. Press release