Hospital rebranding is more than just a new logo

When Frederick (Md.) Memorial Healthcare System officially became Frederick Regional Health System, it was a process that took a decade to complete. Although rebranding is often reduced to nothing more than a new organization name, logo or website, according to President and CEO Thomas A. Kleinhanzl, rebranding is about leading with a vision that guides every activity, no matter how big or small, he wrote in a HospitalImpact blog post.

"Rather than simply slapping a new name or logo on an organization, rebranding should be the result of a thoughtful, strategic--and in some cases, lengthy--process," he said. In the case of the nonprofit, community hospital, the idea of "Superb Quality. Superb Service. All the Time" certainly took some time for the community and the hospital's internal team to embrace. "Rebranding should capture the essence of all that an organization is and aims to be." --Read the full blog post on Hospital Impact