Hospital lifts patients' spirits with in-house game show

While patients can expect to face the unexpected during an inpatient stay, it's unlikely many ever expect to be part of a game show while at the hospital. But that's exactly what's happening at Wheaton Franciscan-All Saints hospital in Racine, Wisconsin, where patients, their families and other visitors have the unique chance to participate in game shows conducted twice a week by teams of volunteers, the Journal Times reported. The games are broadcast to patient rooms via closed-circuit television, and participants can play "Schwobble," a Wheel of Fortune-Scrabble-Bingo hybrid, or "SMILE," a bingo-like game, from the comfort of their rooms, according to the newspaper. The hospital even offers prizes for patients who participate. "When they win, the smile on their face is something you just can't buy," one volunteer told the newspaper. Article