Hospital group says quality reporting too costly; Health IT "name game" creating headaches;

> The Premier Healthcare Alliance, which represents 2,000 hospitals across the U.S., is raising a stink over new quality reporting standards it says are far too costly to implement. FierceHealthFinance

> Sometimes, a good idea simply doesn't work out in practice. It's looking like the federal group whose job it is to provide good definitions for key IT terms may be creating more confusion than it solves. FierceHealthIT

> Sen. Arlen Specter (R-PA) is accusing the Bush administration of dragging its feet when it comes to giving the FDA the $275 million more it's requested. Specter wants to see the FDA get it this year, but the administration wants to put the funding off until fiscal 2009. FiercePharma

> It looks like Baxter may be getting closer to offering a commercial version of a bird flu vaccine that fights three lethal strains of the virus. FierceVaccines

And Finally... Just in time for summer, healthy ice cream that might actually be worth eating. Article