Hospital execs work to learn how biomed, health IT fit together

Hospital technology is creating a link between biomedical engineering and the CIO. In a recent panel discussion with Hospitals & Health Networks, several hospital IT executives talked about the reporting structure involved, their integration challenges and how the technology works with clinical workflows. The panel members pointed to vendors as their biggest integration challenge, which has led to, as Dave Gravender, vice president and CIO of Kaweah Delta Health Care District in Visalia, Calif., put it, "some difficult conversations."

Future vendor relations will require some finesse, according to Sue Schade, CIO at Brigham and Women's Hospital in Boston. "Going forward, IT and biomed approaching the vendors as a combined force will be necessary for them to respond with workable solutions," Schade said. "There is still too much focus on vendor relations specific to either IT or biomed, but not both together." --Read the full FierceHealthIT article