Hospital employees in trouble for photographing shark-attack victim; Future heart disease signs appear in obese children;

> Several employees at Martin Memorial Medical Center's Emergency Department are being punished after taking and emailing photos of Stephen Schafer, a shark attack victim who died while being treated. While nobody lost their job, one friend of the deceased feels that those employees should have been fired. "What they did is disrespectful on all levels," said Stephanie Hudson Forsberg, Schafer's friend. "Martin Memorial should step up, teach everyone a lesson and fire those people." Article

> A study published in the journal Pediatrics showed that roughly 30 percent of obese children ages three to five had elevated levels of C-reactive protein in their blood, meaning they are more likely to develop heart disease when they get older. Article

> The new rules on HIPAA breach notification, which became enforceable Feb. 17, and the related, tougher penalties for privacy and security violations, mean healthcare organizations and business associates alike need to be more vigilant about data security. A common source of data breaches, and an area where hospitals need to tighten up security, some experts say, is remote access to networks. FierceHealthIT

And Finally... There's no way I could do this, but maybe it's just me. Article