Hospital contests removal from provider network

Frisbie Memorial Hospital in Rochester, N.H., one of 10 hospitals ousted from Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield's provider network for individual health plans, is fighting to rejoin the ranks of participating providers, according to the Associated Press. This case is the latest volley in an ongoing debate about the trend of payers restricting networks to providers that accept lower rates in return for high patient volumes. At issue in the Frisbie case is whether the state's insurance department followed a requirement to ask Anthem to determine which network providers accept new patients. Documents Anthem sent to the regulator don't address this point, an AP review found. "If none of those providers are accepting new patients, then that's not a very useful thing for all these new patients who are getting insurance on the exchange," Frisbie's lawyer Jeremy Eggleton told the AP. Read the full story at FierceHealthPayer