Hospital CEO's golden parachute clause pays one year's salary if fired; Newspaper carrier leaves hospital $2M;

> Former Danbury (Conn.) Hospital CFO William Roe pleaded guilty to one count of wire fraud Tuesday, the News Times reports. In August he was charged with defrauding the hospital out of more than $100,000. Article

> A newspaper carrier who was killed by a car left $2.4 million to Gibson Area Hospital in Gibson City, Ill., the Associated Press reports. Article

> HUMC Hold Co. LLC, which is affiliated with Bayonne Medical Center, will buy Hoboken University Medical Center, the Jersey Journal reports. Article

> If the Washington, D.C. government sells United Medical Center to a private company, the new owner would have to keep current CEO Frank DeLisi on for at least two years or give him a lump sum payment of one year's salary if he is fired or quits before two years pass, Washington Business Journal reports. Article

> Pharmacy benefits manager SXC Health Solutions Corp bought out specialty pharmacy provider Medfusion Rx for $100 million, the Associated Press reports. Article

And Finally... Here's a situation where a half empty cup is better than one that's full. Article