The Horton Group Helps Employers Navigate Health Care Reform Laws Changing in 2014

<0> The Horton Group Helps Employers Navigate Health Care Reform Laws Changing in 2014 </0>

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The Horton Group recently introduced an innovative new tool to help employers navigate complicated health care reform laws scheduled to change in January 2014 and affect employee-sponsored health plans.

The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act will have a significant impact on many employers, leaving them questioning what legal, tax and compliance changes they will face. The Horton Group has developed a tool to show their clients a clear path for affordable, qualified health plans.

“Over the last year, companies have faced the challenge of communicating changes in health care. Since the Supreme Court upheld the health care reform law, employers are approaching Horton asking, ‘as my plan runs today, what should I be concerned with?’” said Ken Olson, Division President of Horton Benefit Solutions. “The impact analysis tool helps our clients see into the future and analyze what they need to be concerned through a detailed summary report.”

The employee census data, current plan and employer contribution information is analyzed. Then, data from the U.S. Census related to household size and income are applied to calculate the range of costs an employer can expect to experience related to each health reform provision.

Horton realizes that not all companies are the same. Every employer’s unique employee and plan information is taken into account to estimate the financial impact of various health reform rules including:

“Planning for future business expenses is vital to the success of any company. The changes in health care law have the potential to be a significant added expense; however, it doesn’t have to be that way thanks to our analysis tool. I encourage employers to address this complicated issue sooner rather than later to allow for a smooth transition in 2014,” concluded Olson.

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