Honolulu Doctors Get Connected Via Wellogic for Safer, More Cost Effective Patient Care

HONOLULU, Jan. 12, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- Doctors are taking the first steps toward building a connected medical community on Honolulu. The doctors who practice in the vicinity of Kapiolani Medical Center at Pali Momi have formed a Health Information Exchange to facilitate the rapid and accurate availability of their patients' medical information across the continuum of care.

The doctors, many of whom are already using electronic medical records (EMRs), will soon be able to electronically share medical information on patients when they make referrals to specialists and other medical professionals, access comprehensive patient information in a timely manner for urgent care, reduce duplication of services during examinations, and collaborate more effectively with their peers and patients to coordinate care.

"Connecting our practices, virtually, should help us to cut down on unnecessary or duplicative tests, and deliver better care," said Aiea internist David Saito. Saito, who first had the idea to network his colleagues at Kapiolani's Pali Momi facility, is leading the effort. "Patient confidentiality is paramount in our minds. Our patients should be assured that we will be using state-of-the-art security to protect their medical records," he said.

Connecting physicians in cyberspace is a concept that more and more Hawaii doctors are embracing. New and emerging systems for health care delivery, like Patient Centered Medical Homes and Accountable Care Organizations, depend on doctors sharing medical records and having the most accurate information available at the "point of care." HMSA and other insurers are counting on enhanced coordination of medical care to deliver better outcomes at lower costs.

The efforts of such small groups of physicians to form health information exchanges will eventually dovetail with the larger, state-wide, Hawaii Health Information Exchange, a federally-funded organization that may link caregivers across the state. "We will learn and develop 'best practices' on a small scale here at Pali Momi. Our knowledge will then be shared with doctors across Oahu and the Neighbor Islands," said Dr. Saito. "We partnered with Wellogic because they deeply understand the local needs in Hawaii, the depth of their existing integration in the state, and the ease of use of their point-of-care solution.

Dr. Nadine Tenn Salle, President of the Hawaii Independent Physicians Association, explained why the Hawaii IPA is assisting the Pali Momi doctors in their effort to use health information technology to improve the quality of care they deliver to their patients. "It is very much in line with our Mission: "Physicians Helping Physicians Better Care for the People of Hawaii," said Tenn Salle.

The doctors will use the Wellogic Community solution to connect them with laboratories, pharmacies, hospitals, and other physicians, and for doctors currently without EHRs, the Wellogic Consult portal and the Wellogic Practice EHR for point-of-care access to community-wide patient information

"Wellogic's technology will help to build a community of care for doctors and patients, at the same time containing rising health care costs and producing better medical outcomes," said Wellogic's President and CEO, Sumit Nagpal. "Our company is committed to enhancing patient safety, patient privacy, and, of course, better health for the people of Hawaii," he said.

About Hawaii IPA
The Hawaii Independent Physician's Association (www.hawaiiipa.com) is Hawaii's largest association of independent physicians. Today's economic and bureaucratic reality demands that independent physicians collectively fight trends that have a negative impact on patients and the practice of medicine. The Hawaii Independent Physicians Association is 800 doctors strong and growing. It's strategic intervention, technology focus and dynamic bargaining power allow doctors in private practice to concentrate on the vital business of patient care throughout Hawaii.

About Wellogic
Wellogic (www.wellogic.com) provides industry-certified interoperability and point-of-care solutions for connecting the healthcare community and enabling safety, efficiency, and convenience in care delivery. With more than fifteen years' experience facilitating meaningful interoperability and enhancing clinical workflow, the company truly understands the complexity of healthcare. It has developed a depth of experience in solving some of the most challenging issues confronting the industry today. Wellogic's award-winning web-based connectivity solutions for physicians and caregivers, patients, health systems and health information exchanges are consistently recognized as the most usable, flexible and scalable solutions available, and are used daily to deliver safer, more cost-effective care for millions of patients.