Home-Based Billers Now Join Med DataCare Pro's Healthcare Network

DALLAS, February 14, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- Med DataCare Pro, a healthcare service provider based in Dallas since 1999, now joins hands with home-based billers to create a network of healthcare professionals at a national level for the mutual benefit of home-based billers, physicians and Med DataCare Pro.

According to the CEO and Managing Partner of Med DataCare Pro, "This network will revolutionize the healthcare outsourcing scenario because of its adaptability and value addition to all parties concerned."

Creating a national presence for a company is extremely difficult and the growth prospects for a home-based biller are limited; this network seeks to generate positive synergies between the two and create a win-win situation for both.

The Business Development Director at Med DataCare Pro explained how this network was conceived, he said, "We received many enquiries as a result of the huge Internet campaign that we ran in 2010. However, we were not able to close the leads in the absence of a national sales force. That is when we actually recommended a home based biller from Arkansas to service the leads and she was able to close significant number of leads for us in the same region."

The home-based biller also represents Med DataCare Pro at industry associations and keeps tabs on the current happenings, regulatory changes while providing industry updates. The Biller enhances the value of the network at such forums and helps the network to grow for better future prospects.

    With this association, the healthcare providers will be helped:

    - The cost of administrative services is reduced
    - "Sales Force" is eliminated
    - They can use the advice of a qualified biller
    - Can get personal attention, making them more confident about

All in all, this network aims to improve professional efficiencies of all parties concerned and create a win-win situation for everyone involved. The revenue for the "Home-based Biller," the efficiency and cost optimization for "Physicians" and a national presence for "Med DataCare Pro" is a solution, which in the long term will benefit the Healthcare Industry.

    Contact: Prerna Gupta, Media Relations
    [email protected]

SOURCE Med Data Care Pro