Holon and Texas Organization of Rural & Community Hospitals (TORCH) Announce CollaborNet™ Go-live at Wilbarger General

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Holon Solutions™, an innovator in healthcare information exchange, and Texas Organization of Rural & Community Hospitals (TORCH) are pleased to announce the Phase 1 go-live of the TORCH Health Information Exchange using Holon’s interoperability solution, CollaborNet™, at Wilbarger General Hospital in Vernon, Texas.

Wilbarger General Hospital (Wilbarger) is a member of TORCH that works to address the special needs and issues of rural and community hospitals in Texas. One such issue for Wilbarger was the desire to improve patient care through access to comprehensive and meaningful patient information at the point of care. In addition, they wanted the ability to collaborate with other participants in the patient care team outside of their four walls.

TORCH was able to help Wilbarger through its partnership with Holon Solutions and their CollaborNet interoperability solution.

In Phase 1, currently live, CollaborNet is capturing printed lab orders from Wilbarger’s participating clinics’ electronic medical record (EMR) systems and returning the lab results from Wilbarger’s EMR back into the clinics’ systems. Utilizing CollaborNet’s End Point Appliance, the clinics have the ability to attach the lab results to the patient chart in their EMR. These transactions are secure and meet all HIPAA requirements.

In upcoming phases, Holon will be taking HL7 lab orders from the clinics for transfer to Wilbarger’s EMR and return results via HL7 back to the clinics. Radiology reports and results, as well as primary care physician ER reports, will also be set up for exchange via HL7 in this phase.

“CollaborNet is an economically feasible information exchange for Wilbarger that we have been able to implement using our current systems and processes,” said Jonathon Voelkel, CEO of Wilbarger General Hospital. “By implementing this solution, we are able to exchange meaningful health information that is trusted, appropriate, understandable and available to the right care providers at the time they need it for overall improved patient care. We look forward to adding additional care providers to our connected care community.”

David Pearson, President/CEO, TORCH said, “We are pleased that TORCH was able to bring this solution to Wilbarger through TORCH’s Health Information Exchange. This exchange will allow them to be the hub for a collaborative care community in Wilbarger County.”

“We are excited our CollaborNet information exchange solution is going to facilitate a meaningful change in the way patient care is delivered for Wilbarger patients,” Mike McGuire, CEO of Holon Solutions, said. McGuire added that, “we look forward to continuing our work at Wilbarger and supporting their efforts to extend their exchange beyond their affiliated organizations.”

Future goals for Wilbarger include the facilitation of referrals between their providers, electronic connection to ImmTrac, the Texas Immunization Registry, the ability to send syndromic surveillance to county health organizations, and the facilitation of transitions of care between TORCH member hospitals and other providers throughout Texas including discharge summaries and/or CCDs.

Wilbarger General Hospital () stands committed to be the standard of excellence in healthcare as the place of choice for our patients, physicians, employees and community. We will strive for regional presence by fostering an atmosphere of trust, care and compassion as we work collaboratively with our community to continually develop and improve our services.

TORCH () is an organization comprised of rural and community hospitals, corporations, and interested individuals working together to address the special needs and issues of rural and community hospitals, staff, patients, and communities they serve. TORCH’s mission is to be the voice and principal advocate for rural and community hospitals in Texas, and to provide leadership in addressing the special needs and issues of these hospitals.

Holon Solutions () believes that a patient’s experience is improved when their care team can seamlessly collaborate on their care. They understand that information in the right hands, at the right time and place, is key to providing that care. Holon’s focus is on facilitating a collaborative care environment by providing knowledge transfer within the points of care and access to information by anyone on the care team without having to change their current systems or processes.