HIT: CMS chooses Teradata for massive data-warehousing project

CMS has selected Teradata as the platform for its Integrated Data Repository, a cross-functional data warehouse that its plans to use to support analysis of new Medicare Part D pharmacy and medical claims and other data anticipated to total over 180 terabytes in the next five years. Teradata markets itself as a core platform for data-warehouses, as opposed to operational databases for which Oracle and IBM's DB2 mostly split the market. Recent rumors also suggest that Hewlett-Packard might buy Teradata's parent NCR in order to get its hands on the subsidiary. HP's new CEO Mark Hurd came from NCR. Expect this market to grow as pay-for-performance and best practices analysis become more prominent, and expect the big two database vendors not to take these losses lying down.

- here's the press release from Teradata