HHS wants more detail in fraud self-disclosures

Since 1998, providers who voluntarily reported fraud to the HHS inspector general's office have been given leniency in their treatment. However, HHS now has changed the rules governing this policy. Under the new rules, providers will now have to provide a better explanation of what's being disclosed if they want gentler treatment. Providers will now have to offer a complete description of the questionable conduct, name which laws may have been violated, provide the results of an internal investigation, and offer an estimate of damages and the method used to determine them. (If the last two aren't available, providers are allowed to provide them later, as long as they wait no longer than three months.) If providers meet all of these requirements, and cooperate with the HHS IG, they can potentially walk away without having to sign a corporate integrity agreement, HHS officials said.

To learn more about these changes in fraud self-disclosure rules:
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