HHS Secretary Sebelius subpoenaed over healthcare reform promotion; University Hospital finally partners with KentuckyOne Health;

> House Republicans on Wednesday issued U.S. Department of Health & Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius a subpoena in their investigation of public-relations contracts to help promote President Obama's health reform law, the Los Angeles Times reported. Article

> Matthew Scheidt, 18, was sentenced Wednesday to a year in jail after he was convicted of four felonies linked to his impersonating a physician assistant at Osceola Regional Medical Center last year, CNN reported. Article

> Even though voters said healthcare was one of the most important factors in the election, Obama and Romney got equal support on the issue, according to a Kaiser Health poll. The poll also showed that support to repeal the Affordable Care Act has hit an all-time low, suggesting conservatives may be accepting health reform is here to stay, The Hill's Healthwatch reported.

> University of Louisville Hospital announced a joint-operating agreement proposal to partner with KentuckyOne Health, the former announced yesterday. University Hospital was part of the original merger deal but not the resulting consolidation plan. Announcement

And Finally… Beware the crumpled dollars. Statement