HHS launches web-based information-sharing initiatives

HHS has announced plans to kick off three Internet projects designed to encourage sharing of research information, improve collaboration and boost coordination on H1N1 flu prevention.

In one program, HHS will stream information about biomedical research innovations, funded by the National Assets for High-Tech Economic Growth program. HHS will offer real-time information on technologies available for licensing from the National Institutes of Health and FDA labs, as well as the NIH's Cooperative Research and Development Agreement.

In another initiative, HHS is launching IdeaLab, a sort of wiki designed to help CDC employees share ideas. All employees there will be able to post ideas or request help with a project, and other CDC employees can post comments, solutions and similar experiences.

HHS's third effort involves its YouTube Know What to Do About the Flu and Prevention Contest. The idea has been to reach the population most vulnerable to H1N1--e.g. teens and young adults. The materials were designed encourage kids to take preventive steps such as getting flu shots and washing hands frequently. HHS chose 10 finalist videos and ultimately chose the overall winner by public vote.

To get more background on these efforts:
- read this InformationWeek piece 

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