HHS commits $27M to preventive care for chronically ill; New Jersey hospitals pay Medicare fraud judgment;

> HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius has committed $27 million of the agency's $650 million in ARRA funds to preventive-care programs for older Americans with chronic conditions. Article

> The parent company of two New Jersey hospitals will pay $7.95 million to resolve Department of Justice allegations that the hospitals defrauded Medicare, inflating charges to obtain greater reimbursement. Article

> Kansas City University Medicine and Biosciences has fired its CEO effective immediately, for reasons it is keeping to itself. Article

> Using functional MRI, British researchers found that the brains of people with autism are less active than expected when engaged in self-reflective thought, which may help explain the difficulty sufferers of the condition experience with social interactions. Article

And Finally... The operative word here is definitely "snowballed." Article