Healthy Advice® Networks Launches HealthQuicks™ for Mobile Devices

Audio/Video Health Education Extends the Impact of Patient/Physician Communication

CINCINNATI, May 3, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- Healthy Advice® Networks, the nation's leading provider of award-winning patient and physician engagement programs at point-of-care, announces the launch of HealthQuicks™; short, educational audio/video segments specifically designed for mobile devices. In response to growing consumer demand for mobile technology, Healthy Advice Networks created HealthQuicks to extend the impact of patient/physician communication.

"Technology has allowed us to provide a highly-targeted message with greater depth, literally putting on-demand health information at a consumer's fingertips," stated Tom Campbell, Executive Vice President of Product Management and Development at Healthy Advice Networks.  "The HealthQuick videos also give pharmaceutical and consumer health and wellness sponsors an opportunity to include invaluable support information, such as why it's critical to take medication as prescribed, how consumers can save money through loyalty programs or rebates, or tips on how to incorporate healthier living into their day-to-day lives."

Deborah Schnell, President of Sales and Strategic Planning at Healthy Advice Networks, added, "An individual's health is top-of-mind when they are in their physician's office, which is why there is still no better place to deliver a healthcare message.  Now we can provide our sponsors, who have invested in other patient and consumer support programs, a highly-targeted mobile channel that integrates their messages and reaches patients when they are most receptive – in their trusted physician's office."  

Healthy Advice Networks delivers patient-engagement programs in primary care, cardiology, women's health, pediatric, gastroenterology, urology, dermatology, and rheumatology practices.  The company also delivers health information and late-breaking news directly to physicians and their staff through PracticeWire®, the only product located in the physician's back office where healthcare practitioners can access information while practicing medicine.

About Healthy Advice® Networks

Healthy Advice® Networks is the leading provider of educational engagement programs targeting physicians and consumers. With programs in the physician's waiting room, exam room, back-office, and hospitals, Healthy Advice Networks helps brands reach consumers when they are most focused on their health. Combining the latest technologies with digital content and print and impacting 435 million patient and caregiver visits annually, Healthy Advice Networks reaches patients of all ages and learning styles to help improve patient outcomes while delivering forecast-altering business results for their sponsoring pharmaceutical and consumer health and wellness clients.  A growing network of over 53,000 primary care and specialty physicians and over 500 hospitals throughout the U.S. have chosen Healthy Advice® Networks for their patient engagement needs. To see a demo of HealthQuicks and to learn more, visit the web site at

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