HealthMedia Kicks Off Large-Scale Campaign to Address Insomnia

ANN ARBOR, Mich., April 28 /PRNewswire/ -- HealthMedia, the global leader in scalable behavior change interventions with outcomes for health and wellness, disease management, behavioral health, and medication adherence, is launching a large-scale effort to raise awareness about the rising prevalence of insomnia and its growing impact on healthcare costs and productivity. The campaign includes a free webinar, communications campaigns to employers and health plans, collaboration with non-profit organizations specializing in insomnia, and an educational and entertaining video created to raise awareness about this important issue.

"Insomnia rates are over 30 percent in almost every population, it is the second leading drain on productivity behind depression, and is a leading co-morbid and co-behavioral condition with many other health issues," said Ted Dacko, HealthMedia President and CEO. "We are filling this gap in wellness and disease management programs by rolling out a comprehensive campaign that includes education, awareness, and effective low-cost solutions for insomnia. Insomnia costs employers as much as obesity, yet we continue to ignore it." HealthMedia will work with employer and health plan customers to educate employees and members about insomnia and its impact on their mental and physical health.

Entertaining Video Designed to Capture Consumer Attention

Dacko pointed out that overtired consumers are bombarded with advertisements for quick fixes to sleep deprivation in the form of expensive mattresses and caffeinated drinks. "These products are not solutions, and will not reduce health costs or restore lost productivity, so we needed to compete for consumer attention by developing an entertaining and engaging video that educates consumers about insomnia and guides them toward healthy and effective solutions." The brief video can be viewed at

April 30 Insomnia Webinar: An Alarming Wake-up Call

On Wednesday, April 30, HealthMedia will present a webinar with special guest Dr. Todd Arendt, Clinical Assistant Professor of Psychiatry and Neurology at the University of Michigan. The webinar will focus on insomnia, its close relationship with other health problems, and its impact on healthcare costs and productivity. It will also discuss treatment options for insomnia, and recommendations for innovative and inexpensive ways employers and health plans can identify and address insomnia across large populations. Individuals can register for the webinar by going to or calling 734-623-5474.

Insomnia will be Component of Major IHPM National Behavioral Health Initiative

As the founding sponsor of the Institute for Health and Productivity Management (IHPM) Workplace Center for Behavioral Health, HealthMedia will be instrumental in working with IHPM and other organizations to address the impact of insomnia and other behavioral health issues on workplace productivity. The Workplace Center will serve as the leading source of credible, usable information for employers on a range of behavioral health issues, including identifying conditions and their co-morbidities, engaging employees in diagnosis and treatment, and measuring healthcare and workplace productivity costs and outcomes.

HealthMedia Overcoming(TM) Insomnia Outcomes

HealthMedia's Overcoming(TM) Insomnia program uses evidence-based techniques to help individuals recover from insomnia. Individuals who have participated in this innovative online intervention have experienced positive results, including:

About HealthMedia, Inc.

HealthMedia, Inc. is the global leader in scalable behavior change interventions with outcomes. HealthMedia's proven outcomes increase compliance, reduce medical utilization, and increase productivity-boosting profitability for health plans, employers, pharmaceutical companies, and behavioral health organizations. A fusion of their own unique technology and proven behavioral science, HealthMedia delivers individually tailored behavior change interventions for health and wellness, disease management, behavioral health, and medication compliance. Clients include Kaiser Permanente, UPS, Cleveland Clinic, Johnson & Johnson, GSK, and eight Blue Cross Blue Shield organizations across the United States. HealthMedia partners include APS Healthcare, Corphealth, Health Dialog, Wellsource, and SHPS. For more information visit

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