Healthcare Reform Needs Physician Planning Now for Profitability Says SYBE Medical Management

LOS ANGELES--(BUSINESS WIRE)-- The recently enacted healthcare reform can create a positive growth for physician’s mindful to prepare for the onslaught of patients according to Steven Garrett, manager of SYBE Medical Management – a leading medical billing firm with headquarters in Los Angeles.

While 2010 will realize relatively minor changes in healthcare practices as a result of the healthcare reform, 2011 and beyond will see significant transformation for the daily operation of a medical office, with 32,000,000 currently uninsured Americans being added to system.

Wellness visits will be covered under Medicare in 2011. And by 2014 Americans will be required to buy health insurance or be fined. It is predicted that there will be significant battles over Medicare reimbursement policies with the newly formed Independent Payment Advisory Board.

“This is not the time for a ‘wait and see’ approach by physicians,” said Garrett. “Physicians need to begin a thorough review of current office management. Enormous amounts of paperwork will occur as many previously uninsured patients will not understand insurance co-pays and deductibles and simply hand the papers to the medical office staff to complete. Uninformed patients will cause a substantial increase in office staffing. And with so much changing with Medicare, that process will likely be overloaded as well.”

According to Garrett physicians are increasingly looking to outsource billing to reduce costs and the time to receive payments from insurance companies and government agencies. This allows their existing staff to attend to the daily patient needs and avoids adding staff overhead.

“One of the initial concerns by doctors when considering outsourcing is loss of control,” added Garrett. “Unless a doctor stays after hours and personally processes the billing it is really being ‘outsourced’ to internal staff.” Control is actually gained by outsourcing because of the timely, sophisticated reports generated for the physician by SYBE. SYBE is involved in all aspects of the medical profession including insurance and patient billing, management and consulting. All medical payments are sent directly to the physician. SYBE never receives billing payments.

In addition to Los Angeles, SYBE has locations in San Diego, San Francisco and Las Vegas. For more information on outsourcing billing for physicians visit or contact Steven Garrett at (310) 348-5500.


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