Healthcare marketing key to value-based care transition

Guest post by Tadd M. Pullin, senior vice president of Marketing and Strategy Development at The Nebraska Medical Center

For the most part, U.S. healthcare providers have organized their business strategies and marketing efforts around volume-based growth to remain viable.

What's different in 2013? In a nutshell, the change that's coming is real and the shift to value will be transformational. And it won't happen without dramatic changes in how we develop and execute marketing and communication strategies.

At the heart of marketing success is a clear consensus on business strategy and measurable outcomes for return on investment. While healthcare organizations around the country may approach the shift to value in different ways, a few principles are key to keep in mind.

For instance, corporate overhead will be reduced dramatically--including marketing budgets. Consolidation may help in the process. Mass media advertising will still happen, but will be less prevalent.

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