Healthcare leaders poised to ignite change from within

Despite the oft-held view that reform from within an organization is nearly impossible to achieve, healthcare leaders have shown they're ready to buck this trend, according to an opinion piece from Harvard Business Review. More than half of healthcare executives polled by athenahealth said they believe their operational model needs to change--though 70 percent also said they felt their organizations were well-positioned for success in the future. These contradictory sentiments can be explained by the fact that "these leaders may feel confident about their strategic direction, but they know their current models won't get them where they need to go. Thus they need to become their own disruptors," writes Paul Merrild, senior vice president of enterprise solutions for athenahealth. Another encouraging sign is that healthcare executives said the company they most admire is Apple, which has a history of disruption from within as a means of innovation, Merrild writes. Article