Healthcare jobs could soar with upheld verdict

Following yesterday's Supreme Court ruling to uphold the Affordable Care Act, Americans continue to be divided on their opinions regarding the healthcare marketplace. The priority, The Los Angeles Times reported, continues to be the job market and the weak economy. Opposing sides continue to debate whether the ruling will help or harm job growth.   

Many ACA advocates believe reform will create an upsurge of jobs in the healthcare field. Andrew Chastain, guest writer for Witt/Kieffer, wrote that the executive search firm expects to see a 121 percent increase in chief medical officer positions openings and 43 percent growth in overall physician executive positions.

Witt/Kieffer also expects health IT positions to increase 40 percent due to healthcare reform. The firm also predicts a 29 percent increase in healthcare practice as a whole. Chastain suggested the increase in medical positions is due to the need to provide care to more insured Americans.

Prior to the ruling, a Georgetown University study revealed that the industry will need $5.6 million new healthcare jobs by 2020 to meet higher demand. 

Many reform oppositionists insist health reform is detrimental to the creation of new jobs. The GOP has voiced concerns the healthcare law actually will stall job market growth, and Republicans maintain the reform will strain rather than boost the economy, reported The Los Angeles Times.

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