HealthBridge Denounces “SLAM” NYU Protest

Calls on SEIU to end dismissive comments about the investigation of sabotage; tell the truth about its pension fund

HealthBridge Denounces “SLAM” NYU Protest

<0> HealthBridge ManagementLisa Crutchfield, 978-505-3206 </0>

HealthBridge Management denounced the SEIU-inspired protest rally held today at New York University that ignored a criminal investigation of acts of sabotage that endangered HealthBridge patients, and called on the New England Health Care SEIU 1199 to be honest with its membership about the state of its pension fund.

HealthBridge Management spokesperson Lisa Crutchfield said that today’s protest at NYU’s Straus Institute for the Advanced Study of Law & Justice was “just part of the crude tactics deployed by the SEIU to attempt to somehow embarrass or injure the reputation of company owners. What the SEIU should be doing is turning the spotlight on itself and its highly dismissive comments about the serious jeopardy some of our residents were placed in by acts of sabotage when the union went out on strike.”

She pointed out that today’s protest by a group which calls itself the Student Labor Action Movement (SLAM) was a tactic described in the SEIU’s “,” an action described in a document the SEIU was forced to produce in discovery in a 2011 Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations (RICO) Act case.

Crutchfield also said that, “Once more, we call on the SEIU to end its cavalier and dismissive attitude about the criminal acts of sabotage perpetrated against residents of three of our five Connecticut centers when SEIU members went out on strike on July 3. These actions placed our elderly, often feeble, residents in serious jeopardy, yet the union has consistently made dismissive comments about these criminal acts. It’s time for the SEIU to start examining itself and stop deploying the loathsome tactics described in its ‘Contract Campaign Manual.’”

Among the acts of sabotage that occurred as SEIU members went out on strike were that the wristbands of more than 30 of our residents were removed and discarded. Names on patient doors and wheelchairs were changed. Names of residents in Alzheimer’s and dementia units were switched. Medication records were altered. Stickers indicating how residents could be safely fed were removed. These actions were taken deliberately, with clear knowledge that they would put residents at severe risk of receiving the wrong medications, improper medication dosage, or foods they should not eat.

Crutchfield also said, “The SEIU needs to fully lay out the facts about the soundness of the pension into which it unyieldingly claimed HealthBridge should be paying 8.5 percent of salaries with no employee contribution.” She was referring to a recent that raised numerous questions about the funding levels of the SEIU pension fund.